Social Media Best Practices: Airlines and Airports

I was invited to speak at the 2011 Marketing and Communications Conference/JumpStart® Air Service Development Program in Cleveland, Ohio on June 21st and dug into Social Media Best Practices for Airports and Airlines.

As an ‘outsider’, it was nice being invited into their community and given the chance to share how I see the interactions between airports and airlines with fellow travelers. Some do exceptionally well – others have a long road ahead of them – but as with anything socially based, it takes practice, it takes dedication, and it takes someone willing to put the time in to help others.

My Presentation was called ‘Social Media Best Practices for the Airline Industry‘ and it can be seen below:

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Did you know? I’m powerful *and* influential…


Ok, I am not quite sure how this came about, but the folks over at the Immediate Influence blog just put out a list of the 50 Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Media, and somehow I made the cut. #44 baby.

Ok, stop laughing.

There are a lot of ladies on this list that I adore and are doing great things in the world of marketing and PR. I am blessed to be considered among them.

Moderated my first panel – woot!

SFAMA Viral Marketing Panel Sep2008 - 01

Thursday night I moderated my very first panel. My victims? The SF AMA. The topic? Viral Marketing – Is it right for your firm?

It was a nice low key way for me to hone my public speaking chops, and I think the 60+ in the audience felt good about the info shared during the night. I know the SF AMA President was happy with my moderating skills, so I guess all is well and maybe, just maybe…I will try another one.

Thanks again to the folks at the SF AMA for giving me the opportunity to speak/moderate, and to the folks in the room for being so darn nice and not heckling me during the session. 🙂

P.S. And please excuse the boob shot – Heuer took a photo of me at the podium, but I hated it so you got this one.

Want to see me make a fool of myself?

I know, I know. When do I NOT make a fool of myself, right?

How about voting for one (or all four) of the panels I could present on next year at SXSW (March 13-17, 2009) to test the theory I won’t be able to get through a public speaking gig without saying something silly:

(1) Beyond Social Media: Introducing Social Communications
Who really “owns” social media? Is it PR, Marketing, Branding? This panel will demonstrate that it’s all of the above and more. Thus the new category “Social Communications,” which we can think of as a hybrid of PR, marketing, branding, WOM, customer service, product development and more.

Co-presenters: Jackie Peters, Connie Reece, Chuck Hester, Todd Van Hoosear

(2) Climbing the Corporate Ladder in a Mini Skirt (or pant suit?)
Powerful tech women share their secrets regarding kicking ass, moving up the ladder, dealing with jerks, and helping other girls reach the top.

Co-presenters: Mel Kirk, Sally Strebel, Bronwyn Jones, Aubrey Sabalas

(3) Walking the tech runway in stilettos
Being a girl in a boys world. And succeeding. Similar to the panel above. But different. It’s a fun and lighthearted discussion that prepares females for greater success by helping them get comfortable in their own shoes. 5 panelists share the lessons learned on their journey toward success.

Co-presenters: Mel Kirk, Sally Strebel, Bronwyn Jones, Aubrey Sabalas or Tara Hunt (I think)

(4) 5 Common Misperceptions of Technological Creativity
Drinking the creation koolaid can sometimes be deceiving. It’s like trying to acclimate your taste buds to dog crap. 5 successful panelists share with you the ways to tell the difference between koolaid (the purple stuff) and Sunny D. to get results rather than reaching into a risky over populated grab bag.

Co-presenters: Sally Strebel, Mel Kirk, iJustine, Laura Fitton

Added bonus, my Heuer also submitted a panel idea:

Against All Odds-A Media Literate World

Presenters: Chris Heuer, Howard Greenstein, Alex De Carvalho, Brian Solis (with possibly Howard Reingold too)

You can vote for one or all of them at the SXSW website up through Friday, August 29th. Winning panels will be announced early October. Vote now and please don’t forget to use the ‘stars’ option too!

15 Seconds Baby: Seven Leading Corporate Social Media Evangelists

I was lucky enough to be mentioned as one of seven ‘up and coming’ Social Media Evangelists in a recent article from Read/Write Web which is very cool.

RWW: Seven Leading Corporate Social Media Evangelists

I was going to ask the author, Marshall, to beef up my piece to focus on the other activities I am involved in, then realized he has better things to do, so this was a good reminder that I really need to start writing more and sharing what it is I do (I am sure my boss would like to know too – ha!).

I am in good company, love many folks on the list and found a couple I didn’t know which I am now paying attention to. Thank you again Marshall.