Northern Voice: Good Stuff Eh?


This weekend confirmed everything I thought about my Canadian friendsthey all ROCK…and I am super thankful I had a chance to spend a little more face:face time with them at Northern Voice.

It was the first time I made it up North for this event, missing the two years before due to ill timing bouts with the flu bug, and boy oh boy am I glad I got a shot this year. The weekend was filled with great dinners, amazing conversations and enough geekiness to be able to write the trip off as a work expense. Ha.

Seriously, I don’t know if it is the Canadian water or the fresh air coming off Whistler mountain that makes Vancouverans so darn nice, but thinking every city could use a little bit of what they have as every time I am around these guys, I want – scratch that – I need, more.

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Wells Fargo just lost three customers

I find it fascinating how little customer loyalty seems to mean these days. My latest dose of reality on this point came from my recent dealings with Wells Fargo Bank.

———I have been a Wells Fargo Bank (‘WFB’) customer since 1992, a respectable 15+ years. I have had two car loans with them. I have several accounts with them, all in good standing. I rarely go into the branch, or call their customer service line so I am not a drain on their resources. I think I have been a pretty darn good customer.So when Heuer and I got to discussing the need to consolidate our personal finances, I naturally leaned towards WFB as they have always done right by me.Until now.I called customer service spent about 45 minutes reviewing our options and guiding me along the path of checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, personal finance services, consolidation loans, etc.When we got to the topic of consolidation loans, my ears pricked as one thing I would really like to do is clear Heuer and I from some of the high interest rate cards we somehow accumulated. Don’t know when it happened, but somehow his American Express went to a whopping 32%. 32%!!! One of my Visas was 27%, another 24%. Neither one of us noticed when the rate increases happened, we just kept making payments until recently when it all came to light. Needless to say, we were both shocked, so a lower interest rate consolidation loan could really go a long way to ensuring we get our fuzzy butts out of debt – much more quickly than we can now.So after some lengthy discussions with the customer service rep, I applied to WFB. Two hours later I received word I was denied. When I called in to ask why, they gave me several reasons (at my job less than a year, Chris is an independent consultant, blah blah). They recommended I contact another department within WFB and try for a different loan. Ok. So I go through the whole process again only to find out I am denied. Again. When I asked why, I was given the same exact reasons. Crazy I was recommended to this second department when they had the same exact requirements to get a loan. Even worse for me, both departments tapped my credit report which is something I was trying to minimize as it does affect your credit score (trying to keep mine at a decent level).
So I decided it was worth the effort to plead my case. I explained I had items we could post as collateral, they didn’t care. I mentioned I have had two car loans with them, both paid in full (one even paid early), they didn’t care [one had even been more than the consolidation loan I was applying for]. We seem to be square pegs trying to fit into their round holes.  In the back of my head played Janet Jackson’s “What have you done for me lately” and made me realize my 15+ years of loyalty to them meant nothing.With their simple decision to deny my loan, WFB ensured ISo I will be. I don’t need my hand held, but I do expect that 15+ years of business would 

Happy Thanksgiving

 Mobile post sent by kristiewells using Utterz. Replies. mp3Chris and I took a short break during the day and went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. Was nice just to sit and enjoy the scenery around us while sipping some yummy Jasmine tea. The utterz is a wee bit hard to understand as we kept talking over one another (attention hounds that we are), but I posted it anyway. 🙂