Wanted For Seduction

Do you have any outlaws in your family tree? Did they rob banks like Bonnie and Clyde? Steal horses alongside Butch Cassidy? Or even sell alcohol for Al Capone during Prohibition?

Not this fella. He is wanted for a broken heart (err, promise).


I think the “wears small black moustache” description is a little off, but no matter. I wonder if they ever found him…

This is part of a collection being indexed as part of our Ancestry World Archives Project – think I might have to dig in to see what other nuggets we can find.


Riding in a Zeppelin

We had a chance to take a 45 minute flight on the Zeppelin Eureka around San Francisco Bay thanks to the team at Airship Ventures. It was a fantastic time soaking in a unique view of this place I call home, including the incredible beauty of the salt ponds, which change color based on the concentrations of algae, brine shrimp and other pond life.

The Zeppelin Flight: #geekship

The Zeppelin Flight: #geekship

The Zeppelin Flight: #geekship

The Zeppelin Flight: #geekship

The Zeppelin Flight: #geekship

See more photos at: Zeppelin Set

I can feel you breathe. I can feel your heart beat faster.

We were sifting through the music guide trying to find plans to fill our Saturday night when we came across a listing for Eddie Money, playing at the RRazz room at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

Eddie Money? Acoustic show? Um, yes please. Eddie’s music carried me into my teens and when hits like Take Me Home Tonight, Baby Hold On To Me or Two Tickets To Paradise come on the radio, I still, to this day, belt them out at the top of my lungs. Man, I loved his voice. I was excited to go.

The show was good. He sang all the classics, and we all sang along with him, but you can see years of drug and alcohol abuse has taken their toll on Eddie. With that said, I was glad we got to see him live as it brought back a lot of great memories and made me revisit some of those songs I truly love buried deep in my iTunes library.

So keep rockin Eddie. Shake your money maker. And just like Ronnie sang…be my little babyyyyyyyyyy.

P.S. The RRazz room is a great little venue that sits about 100 people in total. You are up close and personal with the artist, reminding me of the venues VH1 used to use for their Storytellers series years ago. Perfect for an acoustic show.

Private Concert with Chris Mann

Heuer and I were treated to a private concert from new Sony artist, Chris Mann, in the Berkeley Hills thanks to our pal VDog.

I had not heard of Chris before Victoria’s invite, and was pleasantly surprised to find this guy can really belt it out. He reminds me of a good mixture of Jason Mraz and Adam Levine, the lead singer from Maroon 5. If you like either of those artists, you will love Chris Mann. His voice raw enough to pierce you at the core, mature enough to be in total control of his instrument. Could hear him sing for hours.

He was joined by his buddy, Chris Jagich, a music teacher from L.A. who strummed the guitar along side Mann. Chris (and Chris) played a handful of songs to the 20 of us in the room and the 40+ folks following along to the live stream VDog set up since they could not join us in person.

Have I said how much I love Chris Mann’s voice? I really do.

After the concert, I decided to Google him and found he remade the Kanye West song, Heartless. Love it. Even better is our girl ‘VDog’ is in the video, about half way through – holding up the ‘fool’ sign (at 2:18 in the video). Woot! You a hunny VDog!

Chris’ album is supposed to hit in September – keep an eye out for it. Sure to please.