Lifehouse Interview at Live in the Vineyard

After an amazing weekend discovering new artists, Live in the Vineyard closed with an amazing performance from Lifehouse.

Before the show, Chris had a chance to talk to them about awareness, great food, the upcoming summer tour, and their recent Live at 35 flights with Southwest Airlines while I did what I could to hold the camera steady.

After the interview we took the token selfie with the boys, because, we do.

Selfie with Lifehouse

Nice way to end the show.

Katy Tiz Interview at Live in the Vineyard

What a treat. This afternoon Chris and I met Katy Tiz who you probably know from her hit song “Famous”, and more recently “Big Bang.”

Get a sneak peak of her song “Bam Bam”, a great acoustic version of “Big Bang” and hear the brilliant chinwag with Chris Heuer about Grumpy Cat and her fabulous shoes.

She was an absolute riot. Here is another video of her performance I shot, her song “Whistle.”

Melissa Etheridge Interview at Live in the Vineyard

We had a chance to sit down and speak with Melissa Etheridge before her stellar performance at Sutter Home earlier today as part of Live in the Vineyard.

Chris spoke with her about the need to keep hustling, the power that women bring to leadership and her new album, This is M.E.

He also dove into her brilliant song that finished the album “Who Are You Waiting For?,” which was in essence her wedding vows to Linda Wallem from last year.

She’s such an amazing soul, and her voice is as powerful as the first time I heard her sing some 25 years ago. What an amazing performer, what an amazing person.

And she was gracious in allowing us do our traditional event photo, the selfie.

Selfie with Melissa Etheridge

We need more strong women in our life. Women like Melissa.

That Time I Met Jerry Rice, Again

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, a child of the 80s who bled red and gold from the very first time I watched the San Francisco 49ers on my parents TV.

I was spoiled. Our team had Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice, to name just a few. Watching the combination of Montana and Rice, and then Young and Rice, was quite a sight to see.

I feel blessed watching Rice hone his craft on San Francisco soil. His work ethnic was undeniable. Many of the NFL receiving records he set are still in place to this day. He is simply the greatest wide receiver in pro football history.

So when I had a chance to take a photo with him in the Lenovo Social Lounge during CES, I took it. Fan girl, am I.


I think I walked up to him babbling something about helping his wife Jackie find maternity clothing when I was working part time at A Pea in a Pod at the Stanford Shopping center, like 100 years ago. I honestly cannot remember and it doesn’t matter either. The bar was loud. I could have been talking about favorite ice cream flavors and he probably would not have heard me anyway.

Thanks for the photo Jerry.

Me and Terry Bradshaw, new best friends.

Ok, that is stretching the truth a bit. Ok, stretching the truth a lot. While we will probably never see each other again, it was fun to meet him after watching him on TV for so many years on the NFL pre/post game shows.

I got a little giggle out of him when I said he was my favorite on the show (he said he would tell the boys I said so – ha!). And that my friends….is not a lie.

Lenovo Lounge at CES 2011: Terry Bradshaw

And I have to say, the man’s hands are H.U.G.E. #justsayin

Walking the red carpet at the AVN Awards

This past week Chris and I had an opportunity to hang out on the red carpet of the AVN Awards in Las Vegas and capture some of the industry professionals on their big night.

AVN Awards: 2010

My observations from the red carpet:

1. While silicon runs rampant in the industry, there are several ‘naturals’ like Charley Chase making a name for themselves. Natural rocks.

2. Everyone was extremely professional. This was a serious award show. Think Academy Awards for their industry. Have to admit, I expected more rowdyness on the red carpet. (see point three)

3. The ‘craziest’ thing I saw was a lesbian porn star pulling a huge penis out of her pants and kiss on it a bit. Kind of expected more. Feeling disappointed and pleasantly surprised all at the same time.

4. I was surrounded by thousands and thousands of yards of taffeta. I now know where all my bridesmaid dresses went, and I am glad to see my hot pink one found a good home. 🙂

5. Every adult film star we spoke with, and we spoke with most of them, loves Twitter. Seems to be their number one social tool (they all have user names ending in xxx). It was great to see an industry adopting the tools like they are en masse.

6. I saw more porn in 15 minutes worth of clips during the show than I have seen in 10 years. And the titles of the shows…OMG.

7. My ‘wish I was a fly on the wall’ moment came when Robin Leach, Flavor Flav and Ron Jeremy were in a small huddle having themselves a giggle. I so wanted in on that conversation.

8. My ‘WTF moment’ came when we saw Shauna Sands. Leaves me speechless really.

We also had the opportunity to interview Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction and Sasha Grey, the ‘it’ girl of the porn industry.

It was great to be part of this experience, and get a glimpse into a world I so rarely see, but thinking it was one of those ‘nice to do once’ type of things.

Interview: Dave Navarro at AVN Awards

Spoke with Dave Navarro on the red carpet of the AVN Awards in Las Vegas and asked his thoughts on using social media tools, like Twitter, to better connect with his community.

He offers a bit of advice if using these services to get a date, and says you should know that not all avatars are current (or real). Because of this, meet for coffee first to check them out in real life BEFORE you give them your home address. LOL

Good advice Dave. Whether it is Twitter, (where I met my Heuer), eHarmony, whatever…coffee is always a good first step.

Interview: Sasha Grey at the AVN Awards

Our pal Brian Zisk caught up with Sasha on the red carpet at the 2010 AVN Awards, and asked what her plans for 2010 were. Sounds like she is working on a horror film, has a few more adult films in the works, and possibly some music too (thanks to her pal Dave Navarro).

Side note: Sasha gets my best dressed award. She looked amazing.