I am not proud, I spooned a cardboard figure.

San Diego: January 2011

But it is Justin Timberlake. Can you blame me?

You too can get your groove on with Justin, along with Peyton Manning, by paying a visit to the lobby of the Sony Electronics building in San Diego.

Not sure I will be allowed back in the building after molesting their signage…but I have to think I am not the only one who has ever done this. Or maybe I am.

With the new year, comes a new blog…

…design that is.

About this time last year I decided to suck it up and finally make the switch from my original Blogspot account to hosting my own site on WordPress here at KristieWells.com.

I am happy to have made to made the move to WordPress as even though I consider myself a techie noob, I can still do more with the site, but I have questioned my choice of new themes ever since it went live. What at first seemed vibrant and exciting, just seems overdone and ‘crazy’ now. I actually hate looking at it.

There was something inherently beautiful to me in the simplicity of the Blogger template

Kiki's Korner: Before

I think I need to get back to that style. It is much more ‘me’, not this frilly over the top and in your face theme. I also need to upgrade this bad boy as it is on the original version we launched with last year (v2.3.3) which is way out of date and a PITA to manage.

So I am heading back to the drawing board and looking for suggestions on favorite plugins, themes, etc. so I can come back swinging with a blog I love. Ideally, I would take that old Blogger theme and turn it into a three column format as I like the feel and the colors, but thinking that is not possible (and might really piss off Blogger) – so on the hunt for something new.

You know you are getting old[er] when…

…your doctor states you are ‘now in the age group where mammograms are highly recommended.’ ::le sigh::

The process itself is simple enough – go into a cold room wearing nothing but a sheet, place your boobs on a cold plate, apply lots of pressure to said boobs, then hold breathe, scan, let breathe out, put clothes on, leave.

The pressure machine:

Kiki Gets a Mammogram

The full set of my little adventure can be found on Flickr, and I even shot a couple of videos…

One before going in:

One coming out:

Nothing too exciting, but I thought important to document the process as I read about women who don’t get these tests done out of fear of the process. Please do not wait. If you have a history of breast cancer in your family or are over the age of 40 – see your doctor and get the mammogram* done now.

* Thought for next time – when I tweeted I was going in for this test, someone recommend I check out Breast Thermography as an alternative to the mammogram. I need to do some more research on this, but I am all for limiting the amount of zaps my body takes in this lifetime.

UPDATE 12/22/08: Got a call from Kaiser today who asked me to come back in for a second screening as my xray was not clear enough for the doctor to give me a green light. Not sweating it right now – seems girls who have a little more in the boobage department sometimes have this happen as there is a lot of fatty tissue and they have no prior tests to compare against. So I am scheduled to go back in mid January – so wish me luck!

Sometimes, my ovaries go into overdrive…

…and 10 times out of 10, like most women I know, there is a baby in the vicinity when it happens.

This past week Heuer and I got a chance to spend a little time in New York, where we bonded with some fellow SMCers, loved on friends and spent some time with ‘family’ – namely, my dear friend Jenn, her husband and her beautiful baby boy, CJ.

Baby CJ - 22

Most days I can’t imagine trying to have a family with the crazy/busy life Heuer and I lead. Then again, most days I can’t imagine NOT trying to have a family. Of course the odds are against me – I am an old bitty and I am way, way, way overweight. Two things that factor ‘negative’ into the mix. Now, I am not stressing over it as Heuer and I have always said if it happens it happens. No bullshit here. Not trying to prevent pregnancy, but not trying to plant a seed either. We live our lives happily and be happy with the lives we have.

In the meantime, it simply means I get to gush over other people’s babies – spoiling them rotten and then giving them back to their parents to handle. 🙂 And that CJ, man – he is a cutey patootie. I shall be spoiling that kid for years to come…

Sometimes…the girl in me pops her head out

The week after Heuer and I got married, I went into Michaels craft store and dropped over $300 on scrap booking supplies. Now, mind you…I am not a scrap booker…but, I thought with my newly married status this DIYer should try something ‘domestically based’ that did not involve a Makita drill (my favorite toy of all time).

Fast forward to one year and almost two months later…the three bags of supplies are still tucked nicely away in the closet (untouched).

Needless to say, this project fell by the wayside.

So the other night I found myself flipping channels late at night trying to find something of interest on TV. Lo and behold, I came across craft TV and they were demoing the Cricut, a handy dandy do everything you ever need to do scrap booking wonder tool. The girl in me was glued to the screen. The next thing I knew, I was on the phone ready to hand over $50 so I could finally connect with my inner paper layer outer.

Cricut portable cutting machine

As I was reading the last four digits of my credit card to the operator, I was struck with the realization that the odds were high this Cricut wonder tool would join the untouched bags of paper in the closet, only to be sold in a garage sale in three years after I finally admit I am just not ‘one of those girlie scrap booking girls’.

So after an apology for ‘wasting their time’ I hung up the phone, and turned off the TV.

I did keep their number though. I figure if I still want the darn thing in three months, then I should spend the money and hopefully I will use it. If not, then the next thing to do is getting rid of all the paper supplies collecting dust in the closet.