Social Media Best Practices: Airlines and Airports

I was invited to speak at the 2011 Marketing and Communications Conference/JumpStart® Air Service Development Program in Cleveland, Ohio on June 21st and dug into Social Media Best Practices for Airports and Airlines.

As an ‘outsider’, it was nice being invited into their community and given the chance to share how I see the interactions between airports and airlines with fellow travelers. Some do exceptionally well – others have a long road ahead of them – but as with anything socially based, it takes practice, it takes dedication, and it takes someone willing to put the time in to help others.

My Presentation was called ‘Social Media Best Practices for the Airline Industry‘ and it can be seen below:

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Twitter Me This: No More Tweet Archives On My Blog

My blog has gone to shit. Now mind you, my blog was never meant to compete the likes of The New York Times or the Huffington Post, but it was always a place where I could share my thoughts and opinions on the issues that matter most to me.

I never had a diary. I am not a great writer. But something about blogging resonated, and I was happy to have my little space on the Internet.

Then in January 2007, I discovered Twitter.

That platform changed my world.

I never wanted to blog about anything without researching it first. I know that seems silly, but to me – with blogging, came responsibility, even when it was on something as simple as talking about how to roast a pig. However, with Twittering, came freedom. I know it directly relates to the amount of text allowed (Twitter was limited to 140 character posts), so it kept my thoughts short and to the point whereas as I always felt I had to *say* something when I blogged.

Well, no more. While I plan to keep my Twitter account, I am pulling my blog back from the brink and reclaiming it as a space for me to share deeper thoughts and to gush about the best purchase I ever made.

I don’t need a Twitter archive here. If there is something I say on *that* service that I feel passionate enough about keeping a record of, I will write about it here. I know, what a novel idea.

Interview: Dave Navarro at AVN Awards

Spoke with Dave Navarro on the red carpet of the AVN Awards in Las Vegas and asked his thoughts on using social media tools, like Twitter, to better connect with his community.

He offers a bit of advice if using these services to get a date, and says you should know that not all avatars are current (or real). Because of this, meet for coffee first to check them out in real life BEFORE you give them your home address. LOL

Good advice Dave. Whether it is Twitter, (where I met my Heuer), eHarmony, whatever…coffee is always a good first step.

Best practices for Social Media Marketing

My girl Sally Strebel tagged me in a little project started by Mitch Joel to state what we think are some of the best practices for Social Media Marketing.

Heuer and I were just talking about this topic as we reviewed a chapter he is writing for his upcoming book The Social Media Playbook [note to self, we need to get Wiley to design a new cover – stat] and I could list several practices I think are key to any Marketing campaign (Be Open, Be Transparent, Be Responsive, Be Aware…etc), but there is one practice that stands above all others:


What does ‘being human‘ really mean? For me, it is exposing enough of yourself so people know who they are speaking/dealing with, and can feel confident in the communications they receive from you. It is showing compassion to those around you and talking to them as human beings – not as customer #8609 or member #10,356.

Humans by nature crave personal contact and companies who allow their employees to ‘be human’ will build tighter relationships with their customers, which I believe, will lead to a stronger brand overall (look at Dell, Zappos and Comcast who realized this and are seeing the benefits from it now). Don’t send me to an automated call center where pushing ‘0’ keeps me in an infinite technical loop. Give me the option to push ‘0’ and speak to someone live. Give me a name, some background, some reason to bond with your company. Odds are good I will be/become a happy customer because you did.

I believe I am so successful in roles I fill is because I live by this philosophy. My clients know me. They know what my role in the company is and what I stand for. They know when I tell them something, they can believe it. It doesn’t matter who I work for – they can trust me because they know me. Granted, I live my life a little more openly than some, but also tend to have stronger relationships with people because of it. This is a powerful thing (when used for good of course). Companies who allow me to ‘be human’ in my interactions will reap the benefits because your customers will know there is someone willing to put her reputation on the line to make sure your customer walks away from the transaction – happy. I do this because you trust me to be me, and I respect you for that. Therefore, I am going the extra mile to ensure your customer respects you too. Everyone wins here.

I would love to hear thoughts you all as well as those from Heuer, Jackie, Jake, Todd and Shel (keeping with the meme to tag five people).

15 Seconds Baby: Seven Leading Corporate Social Media Evangelists

I was lucky enough to be mentioned as one of seven ‘up and coming’ Social Media Evangelists in a recent article from Read/Write Web which is very cool.

RWW: Seven Leading Corporate Social Media Evangelists

I was going to ask the author, Marshall, to beef up my piece to focus on the other activities I am involved in, then realized he has better things to do, so this was a good reminder that I really need to start writing more and sharing what it is I do (I am sure my boss would like to know too – ha!).

I am in good company, love many folks on the list and found a couple I didn’t know which I am now paying attention to. Thank you again Marshall.