Road Trip 2011: New York, NY

Social Media Masters: New York
While in town for the Social Media Masters event, we had a chance to revisit the World Trade Center and it is incredible to see how much they were able to complete since our last trip in May.

We held a cocktail party on the 5th Floor of the W Hotel that overlooks the World Trade Center and Memorial Park and while the construction crew was still hammering in the background, it was fantastic to hear, and eerily soothing to see, the water gushing from the memorial pool. There is still a lot of work to be completed here, and hopefully, on our next trip we will have time to actually walk through the park. I want to see it all up close.

We also stumbled across a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park who had been camping there for almost a week. While many were not 100% sure what message they wanted me to walk away with, there were two kids (in their 20’s) who knew what they wanted, and were eloquent with their words. Tried to interview them, but all I had was my iPhone and the shot was too dark and there was too much background noise so the video is unwatchable. Sucks as I would have loved to have done more to support their voice.

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    Social Media Best Practices: Airlines and Airports

    I was invited to speak at the 2011 Marketing and Communications Conference/JumpStart® Air Service Development Program in Cleveland, Ohio on June 21st and dug into Social Media Best Practices for Airports and Airlines.

    As an ‘outsider’, it was nice being invited into their community and given the chance to share how I see the interactions between airports and airlines with fellow travelers. Some do exceptionally well – others have a long road ahead of them – but as with anything socially based, it takes practice, it takes dedication, and it takes someone willing to put the time in to help others.

    My Presentation was called ‘Social Media Best Practices for the Airline Industry‘ and it can be seen below:

    View more presentations from Kristie Wells

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      Road Trip: Social Media Masters 2011 Tour

      smm_logoSocial Media Club is embarking on a 5-city-conference tour this Summer and Fall focused on advanced level education around social media marketing.

      This conference series will head to:

      Atlanta (August 26th), Los Angeles (September 9th), New York (September 23rd), Toronto (October 7th) and Kansas City (October 21st)

      We will feature topics on Becoming a Social Business, Social Media Measurement and Metrics, Producing a Killer Corporate Blog, Setting Up Your Corporate Infrastructure, Crisis Communications and so much more. I am really looking forward to the road trip and meeting local Social Media Club members in each city, while making a couple of new friends along the way.

      This is a big step forward for Social Media Club to support our mission to provide education around social media, and I am proud of the team for working so hard and making this series come to life.

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        New trend: 20-30 year olds getting botox

        As a 43 year old woman, I like to stay in the know on the trends to help keep the wrinkle fairy away. I already try to minimize my time in the sun. I drink lots of water. I remember to use a moisturizer a couple times a week.

        While it was enough for the first 42 years of my life, signs of age are creeping its way onto my face…and I am far from pleased about it.

        I need to do more.

        The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a new report showing trends in plastic surgery. No surprise that breast augmentation is still number one, or that many surgical procedures are being replaced by noninvasive treatments.

        The report shows the number of ‘noninvasive’ treatments in the last ten years were;

        * Botox injections: 5.4 million, up 584 percent.
        * Wrinkle fillers: 1.8 million, up 172 percent.
        * Laser hair removal: 937,601, up 27 percent.

        What *was* surprising however, was that 2.4 million procedures were performed on people in their 30s, an increase of 4 percent. Key words there –> IN THEIR 30’S.

        I am used to people having this ‘botox’ discussion when in their 40’s and 50’s, but I never thought about stopping wrinkles before they really form. This is pure genius! Of course this realization comes as I am now in my 40’s and the wrinkles are pretty well set…but it does make the conversation of ‘to do or not to do’ a little more interesting as I consider the impact of slowing the process down so I can maybe avoid the ‘full face lift’ conversation in my 50’s or 60’s. My thoughts now turn to just how much I hate the crow’s feet and whether or not I am willing to inject poison into my system to minimize them.

        But it is nice to know there are more noninvasive options to consider. I like noninvasive.

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          The end of the world shall take place on my birthday.


          There has been a lot of chatter across the web as well as around the proverbial water coolers on the coming of Rapture.

          The End of the World and I STILL Feel Fine | Biology Of Technology

          It all started with Harold Camping, a minister based in the Bay Area who proclaimed May 21, 2011 would be Judgement Day and those who have given themselves to God would ascend into Heaven and everyone else will spend the next five (5) months waiting for the end of days to come – this day was October 21, 2011.

          I can’t imagine the amount of money spent on the 100’s of billboards placed around the nation or the advertising campaigns, both print and online. I bet it was substantial and I wonder what other causes that might have benefited from these funds. Can someone say cancer research? Improving education? Improving medical services for our veterans?

          But I digress…

          When May 21st came and went, Mr. Camping stood behind his original prediction and reinforced the October 21st date as the real end of days. Now, I am not here to support or deny this proclamation, I am merely here to say:

          Party at my house – to celebrate my birthday, and possibly the end of the world. Now, I am told there is a big fire expected, so bring marshmallows, and some chocolate bars. I think making smores would be a fun group activity – and that is how I want to go out of this world, surrounded by the ones I love, doing something fun, together.

          I love you all.

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            Keep your promises. Your reputation depends on it.

            This philosophy was embedded into my head early on in childhood.

            My parents built a successful machine shop/parts business with the proverbial blood, sweat and tears, but most importantly, by dealing with their customers openly, honestly and they always – without fail – kept their word.

            My parents work ethic is insane, and part of me is glad that gene lives within me (of course, the other part curses it as I want to blow everything off and lounge by the pool). If my dad promised a motor would be built by a certain date, it was, even if it meant working nights and/or weekends to get it done on time. If they quoted a project and it somehow came in more expensive, my mom made good on the original quote.


            My parents knew their customers depended on having accurate, trustworthy information and they built a reputation on keeping their promises, and their customers responded positively. My parents owned their business for 30+ years, and were one of the busiest, and dare I say, one of the most profitable machine shops in the area.

            They showed me the importance of earning the trust of your customers and building a reputation you can be proud of.

            I could not have had better mentors.

            I love you mom and dad.

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              Road Trip 2011: Washington, D.C.


              Headed to DC for a couple of days, played tourist a bit, met some of Heuer’s American University buddies and spent time with our friends Coleman, Nabeeha and beautiful baby Sanah.

              Didn’t take a lot of photos this trip, but was able to get down to the Tidal Basin in West Potomac Park and catch the last bit of the Cherry Blossom Festival. So beautiful this time of year, and you can see the few photos I took here.

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                Road Trip 2011: Boston, MA

                Boston: April 2011
                I was invited to speak at the Social Media & Community 2.0 conference in Boston and was lucky enough to have a little free time to walk around the city. I have not been in Boston in a while, but always good to get back.

                So much history.

                So much good chowdah to eat. 🙂

                Took a handful of photos, this time, swayed by the Central Burying Ground and a short walk along the Freedom Trail.

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                  I am not proud, I spooned a cardboard figure.

                  San Diego: January 2011

                  But it is Justin Timberlake. Can you blame me?

                  You too can get your groove on with Justin, along with Peyton Manning, by paying a visit to the lobby of the Sony Electronics building in San Diego.

                  Not sure I will be allowed back in the building after molesting their signage…but I have to think I am not the only one who has ever done this. Or maybe I am.

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