Making ‘sense’ of my professional life

When I announced I was back on the market last June, there were some questions I had to answer. Mainly, what did I want to do next. Yeah, I know – start with a biggie.

I interviewed with a lot of companies. I was extremely fortunate to have received more than my fair share of offers. There were some really good opportunities presented, but honestly – nothing felt exactly right…until now.

Time to raise the curtain on what I am doing. This morning my company, my6sense, launched at the Under The Radar event in Mountain View, CA.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

It is a small ambitious team, tackling a very big idea (‘information overload’). It is also a product/service I will actually use, which was a key factor in my decision. Best of all, they understand and appreciate the work Chris and I have put into building Social Media Club and they want me to continue with that too. Score!

So I am dusting off my keyboard and getting back to work, albeit part time to start, but I am working. Woot.