Me and Terry Bradshaw, new best friends.

Ok, that is stretching the truth a bit. Ok, stretching the truth a lot. While we will probably never see each other again, it was fun to meet him after watching him on TV for so many years on the NFL pre/post game shows.

I got a little giggle out of him when I said he was my favorite on the show (he said he would tell the boys I said so – ha!). And that my friends….is not a lie.

Lenovo Lounge at CES 2011: Terry Bradshaw

And I have to say, the man’s hands are H.U.G.E. #justsayin

CES. Vegas. Lenovo. Take III.

Heuer and I were in Vegas once again to work with our pals at Lenovo to host a Blogger Party during CES. This week is always a whirlwind for me, and 2011 was no exception.

We spend our time meeting new people. Seeing new technology. Eating and drinking good food and great wine. But the best of it all? Bonding with the Lenovo social team who are not just clients, but dear friends. We absolutely adore Nano, Gavin and Erik and I am so happy we get to add Becca to the love fest now too. That girl is my sister from another mother, I just know it.

One of my favorite things from the Lenovo Lounge this year was the photo booth they brought in. It is amazing what happens when you give adults boas, strange hats and stuffed animals (the taxidermied kind, not stuffed with cotton kind). Craziness ensues.

Lenovo Lounge at CES 2011

The only thing I did wrong was not bringing that damn jackalope home. I so loved that jackalope.

More of my photos from CES are here, and Heuer has a bunch over here.