That Time I Met Jerry Rice, Again

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, a child of the 80s who bled red and gold from the very first time I watched the San Francisco 49ers on my parents TV.

I was spoiled. Our team had Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice, to name just a few. Watching the combination of Montana and Rice, and then Young and Rice, was quite a sight to see.

I feel blessed watching Rice hone his craft on San Francisco soil. His work ethnic was undeniable. Many of the NFL receiving records he set are still in place to this day. He is simply the greatest wide receiver in pro football history.

So when I had a chance to take a photo with him in the Lenovo Social Lounge during CES, I took it. Fan girl, am I.


I think I walked up to him babbling something about helping his wife Jackie find maternity clothing when I was working part time at A Pea in a Pod at the Stanford Shopping center, like 100 years ago. I honestly cannot remember and it doesn’t matter either. The bar was loud. I could have been talking about favorite ice cream flavors and he probably would not have heard me anyway.

Thanks for the photo Jerry.

Me and Terry Bradshaw, new best friends.

Ok, that is stretching the truth a bit. Ok, stretching the truth a lot. While we will probably never see each other again, it was fun to meet him after watching him on TV for so many years on the NFL pre/post game shows.

I got a little giggle out of him when I said he was my favorite on the show (he said he would tell the boys I said so – ha!). And that my friends….is not a lie.

Lenovo Lounge at CES 2011: Terry Bradshaw

And I have to say, the man’s hands are H.U.G.E. #justsayin