Customer Advocate / Social Media Maven For Hire


Yes folks, I am back on the market. Start the bidding process now.

I have met some really wonderful people, both online and offline, over the last 15 months at Joyent, and I am happy with the role I played in pushing the company forward to where they are today. It feels good to know I was instrumental in making some needed improvements in many of the customer facing aspects of the business. This included setting processes and guidelines in the Customer Care department, launching new outbound communication programs to better inform our customers, organizing local meetups, managing promotional programs, handling our event sponsorships, representing the voice of the customer in company meetings and most of all – ensuring we did a better job of looking after our customer’s needs.

I am thankful for the offerings of love and support I have received from the community and would like to send a big ‘thank you’ to Adam, Ed, Nick, Mickael, Garrick, Larry, Dustin, Kelly, Andrew, Matt, Linda, Walter, Christopher, Allan, Jacques, Noel, Ken, Michael, Elle, AJ, Mark, Jim, Tom, Trevor, Eugene, Robert, J.J., Tim, Jamie, Elliot, Jim, Tiffany, Kris, Eric, Michael, Jordan, Sid, Arthur, Joe, Tom, Thomas, Jamie, Joel, Ray, Jim, Ngungo, Kjell, Sebastian, Adrian, Philip, David, Jeremy, Robert, Arthur, Tim, someguy, David, Chris, Chuck, pet, MrDale, and Heuer – for your love and support through this, which was both planned and unplanned all at the same time. Thank you folks, you rock.

I would like to extend an even deeper thank you to a handful of my Joyeurs – Matt, Peter, Geoff, Noel, Peat, Eric, and Eugene – for going the extra step and offering up a recommendation for me on LinkedIn. That is awesome – nothing says ‘job well done’ better than your customers giving you some love during a time like this. Thank you thank you thank you.

For the record, I am unemployed. I need a job. What am I looking for? I would love to work for a company that respects and values its customers. My ideal role would enable me to serve as a Customer Advocate, Community Wrangler, Connector, Communicator, Social Media Maven, and/or Event Planner. I like diversity in my daily work, but really need a consistent ability to help people, especially customers.

And to my @joyeurs, my clan. Shall you find yourself in San Francisco, or if I happen to be in your town, I shall look forward to raising a pint with you, so let’s make sure we keep in touch.