Keep your promises. Your reputation depends on it.

This philosophy was embedded into my head early on in childhood.

My parents built a successful machine shop/parts business with the proverbial blood, sweat and tears, but most importantly, by dealing with their customers openly, honestly and they always – without fail – kept their word.

My parents work ethic is insane, and part of me is glad that gene lives within me (of course, the other part curses it as I want to blow everything off and lounge by the pool). If my dad promised a motor would be built by a certain date, it was, even if it meant working nights and/or weekends to get it done on time. If they quoted a project and it somehow came in more expensive, my mom made good on the original quote.


My parents knew their customers depended on having accurate, trustworthy information and they built a reputation on keeping their promises, and their customers responded positively. My parents owned their business for 30+ years, and were one of the busiest, and dare I say, one of the most profitable machine shops in the area.

They showed me the importance of earning the trust of your customers and building a reputation you can be proud of.

I could not have had better mentors.

I love you mom and dad.

Twitter Me This: No More Tweet Archives On My Blog

My blog has gone to shit. Now mind you, my blog was never meant to compete the likes of The New York Times or the Huffington Post, but it was always a place where I could share my thoughts and opinions on the issues that matter most to me.

I never had a diary. I am not a great writer. But something about blogging resonated, and I was happy to have my little space on the Internet.

Then in January 2007, I discovered Twitter.

That platform changed my world.

I never wanted to blog about anything without researching it first. I know that seems silly, but to me – with blogging, came responsibility, even when it was on something as simple as talking about how to roast a pig. However, with Twittering, came freedom. I know it directly relates to the amount of text allowed (Twitter was limited to 140 character posts), so it kept my thoughts short and to the point whereas as I always felt I had to *say* something when I blogged.

Well, no more. While I plan to keep my Twitter account, I am pulling my blog back from the brink and reclaiming it as a space for me to share deeper thoughts and to gush about the best purchase I ever made.

I don’t need a Twitter archive here. If there is something I say on *that* service that I feel passionate enough about keeping a record of, I will write about it here. I know, what a novel idea.

I’ve got more Klout. Or do I?

Klout Influence Score Analysis

They must have just tweaked their algorithm as my ‘influence score’ just jumped from 32 to 55 in under 24 hours. I did nothing spectacular to warrant such an increase, so they must be fine tuning things behind the scenes.

There is a lot of chatter on the web questioning the validity of the Klout score, but I am saving judgement . I want to watch the number for a while and see if I can find trends the dips and peaks. Right now, it makes no damn sense.