Farm Fresh to *ME*

Heuer and I have been discussing the need to support local vendors where we can, so we took the first step this weekend when we signed up for the Farm Fresh to You delivery service while visiting our local farmers market. The first box arrived today stuffed with Bing cherries, yellow nectarines, black plums, summer squash, broccoli, green beans, white corn, cucumber, romaine lettuce, basil, and Nantes carrots.


Farm Fresh To You

I am looking forward to watching the contents change with the seasons, and hoping it will force us out of the monotony of asparagus, cauliflower and squash – my three go to veggies in the grocery store. We also need to get back in the habit of eating fruit, as this box highlights the fact we do not consume anything outside of bananas and blueberries, on the few times we do remember to include this food group in our diet.

When costing the service out, we will end up paying a little bit more for our fruits and vegetables (we receive the ‘regular’ box that is $30 and comes every other week), but I love the fact that we are supporting local businesses and will continue to find other ways to do so.