Interview: Dave Navarro at AVN Awards

Spoke with Dave Navarro on the red carpet of the AVN Awards in Las Vegas and asked his thoughts on using social media tools, like Twitter, to better connect with his community.

He offers a bit of advice if using these services to get a date, and says you should know that not all avatars are current (or real). Because of this, meet for coffee first to check them out in real life BEFORE you give them your home address. LOL

Good advice Dave. Whether it is Twitter, (where I met my Heuer), eHarmony, whatever…coffee is always a good first step.

Interview: Sasha Grey at the AVN Awards

Our pal Brian Zisk caught up with Sasha on the red carpet at the 2010 AVN Awards, and asked what her plans for 2010 were. Sounds like she is working on a horror film, has a few more adult films in the works, and possibly some music too (thanks to her pal Dave Navarro).

Side note: Sasha gets my best dressed award. She looked amazing.