Back up? What back up?

Got a little surprise a while back when I realized the daily auto backup feature on our Time Machine had stopped backing my laptop up. Don’t know when it happened, or why, only that it did. Of course, I discover this little fact when I needed the back up most. You know, that time when your laptop waves a white flag, shuts down as you were in the middle of something and leaves you sitting there thinking of all the data you are losing…gah.

Thankfully, the bastard MacBook has rebooted and come back to life each time – but it is obvious something is wrong and I need to go see a Mac genius about it. Today, smarty pants me figured it would be wise to force a backup so I could begin this problem solving business and so here I sit – pounding away on the PC – as we wait for the backup to finish.

Time Machine Backup

Funny/sad thing is I took the screen shot above this morning about an hour into the back up. It is now seven (7) hours later and it backed up 15.01GB of 70.8GB worth of data. It is going to be a long night…

Time Machine Backup: 7 hours later