New trend: 20-30 year olds getting botox

As a 43 year old woman, I like to stay in the know on the trends to help keep the wrinkle fairy away. I already try to minimize my time in the sun. I drink lots of water. I remember to use a moisturizer a couple times a week.

While it was enough for the first 42 years of my life, signs of age are creeping its way onto my face…and I am far from pleased about it.

I need to do more.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a new report showing trends in plastic surgery. No surprise that breast augmentation is still number one, or that many surgical procedures are being replaced by noninvasive treatments.

The report shows the number of ‘noninvasive’ treatments in the last ten years were;

* Botox injections: 5.4 million, up 584 percent.
* Wrinkle fillers: 1.8 million, up 172 percent.
* Laser hair removal: 937,601, up 27 percent.

What *was* surprising however, was that 2.4 million procedures were performed on people in their 30s, an increase of 4 percent. Key words there –> IN THEIR 30’S.

I am used to people having this ‘botox’ discussion when in their 40’s and 50’s, but I never thought about stopping wrinkles before they really form. This is pure genius! Of course this realization comes as I am now in my 40’s and the wrinkles are pretty well set…but it does make the conversation of ‘to do or not to do’ a little more interesting as I consider the impact of slowing the process down so I can maybe avoid the ‘full face lift’ conversation in my 50’s or 60’s. My thoughts now turn to just how much I hate the crow’s feet and whether or not I am willing to inject poison into my system to minimize them.

But it is nice to know there are more noninvasive options to consider. I like noninvasive.