The end of the world shall take place on my birthday.


There has been a lot of chatter across the web as well as around the proverbial water coolers on the coming of Rapture.

The End of the World and I STILL Feel Fine | Biology Of Technology

It all started with Harold Camping, a minister based in the Bay Area who proclaimed May 21, 2011 would be Judgement Day and those who have given themselves to God would ascend into Heaven and everyone else will spend the next five (5) months waiting for the end of days to come – this day was October 21, 2011.

I can’t imagine the amount of money spent on the 100’s of billboards placed around the nation or the advertising campaigns, both print and online. I bet it was substantial and I wonder what other causes that might have benefited from these funds. Can someone say cancer research? Improving education? Improving medical services for our veterans?

But I digress…

When May 21st came and went, Mr. Camping stood behind his original prediction and reinforced the October 21st date as the real end of days. Now, I am not here to support or deny this proclamation, I am merely here to say:

Party at my house – to celebrate my birthday, and possibly the end of the world. Now, I am told there is a big fire expected, so bring marshmallows, and some chocolate bars. I think making smores would be a fun group activity – and that is how I want to go out of this world, surrounded by the ones I love, doing something fun, together.

I love you all.

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