Kiki gets what she wants.

I was patient. I did my research. I saved my pennies. And yes, I went against my husband’s wishes (ha!) when this weekend, while said husband was in Europe on business, I bought an outdoor sectional for our deck.

And man, WE (as in he and me) are so glad I did.

It is not exactly the set I wanted, BUT it looks pretty darn close, is $2k less and special bonus actually way more comfortable than the Pottery Barn set I had been staking out for three years. Woot!

Kiki Gets What She Wants

The only negative about the collection is I felt I was in Ikea-hell having to put it all together. Even came with those stupid key thingies you have to use to screw the bolts in. WTF? Is this how everyone does furniture now?

Oh well. They are all together now. It was worth it. My fingers will heal. The sectional is fantastic.

I have always loved our flat, and having a deck that gets a lot of afternoon sunshine. When our dining table got rusty, my deck time went away as I hated the white chairs we put in their place (temporary measure that lasted two years).

It is like we have our deck back. And it feels good.

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    Wow! That sectional looks FANTASTIC! I am sure that your husband will come to love it. Congrats on a smart move.