Near impossible to replace patio furniture

Well, in San Francisco [in November] any way.

We are in serious need of a new patio set. When Heuer and I moved into our flat three years ago, we bought a metal patio set from the Martha Stewart collection at Kmart. I don’t usually shop at Kmart, or buy Martha Stewart *anything*, but they were one of the few stores who still had patio furniture available in July when we were out shopping. It was nice and decently priced at the time so we decided to bring it home.

Fast forward three years and the table is severely rusted, several chair cushions are torn and the umbrella pole rusted inside the base and broke off.

After chatting with a Kmart rep, then someone from the Marth Stewart organization, it seems there is nothing to be done but to buy a new set. It is my first metal set (ever), so maybe this is normal. I don’t know. What I do know is that we are on the hunt for a higher quality WOOD patio set and I can guarantee it will not be from Kmart, and not be something branded with Martha’s name on it.

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