Pottery Barn needs my money

I have wanted this set from Pottery Barn for the last three years. I go into Pottery Barn, sit on the seat, think about all the good times to be had while lounging on the set, then I look at the price tag.

Reality hits.

I then ‘cheap out’ out and buy thrift store pieces and low budget items from Target, but it never looks right and they never last. I always come back to this one.

I want. I need. I will have (eventually).

Trying to justify the expense as it would be $3k+ to fill up our deck. Hard pill to swallow, especially in these wonky financial times…but then I think, hey – if I had bought this three years ago, I would have had three years of enjoyment already.

Then I look at the price tag. I swallow. Actually, it is more like a gulp.

Would be awesome to get the matching outdoor table and chairs too…you know, when we win the lottery as I love the look and feel of this collection.

I keep saying ‘if we pay more, it means better quality and it will last longer’, but I think my subconscious does not believe that to be true.

For now, I shall just continue to walk into the Pottery Barn show room every few weeks and drool on their floor. ‘Close enough’ has to be ‘good enough’. For now, at least.

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