Road Trip 2011: New York, NY

Social Media Masters: New York
While in town for the Social Media Masters event, we had a chance to revisit the World Trade Center and it is incredible to see how much they were able to complete since our last trip in May.

We held a cocktail party on the 5th Floor of the W Hotel that overlooks the World Trade Center and Memorial Park and while the construction crew was still hammering in the background, it was fantastic to hear, and eerily soothing to see, the water gushing from the memorial pool. There is still a lot of work to be completed here, and hopefully, on our next trip we will have time to actually walk through the park. I want to see it all up close.

We also stumbled across a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park who had been camping there for almost a week. While many were not 100% sure what message they wanted me to walk away with, there were two kids (in their 20’s) who knew what they wanted, and were eloquent with their words. Tried to interview them, but all I had was my iPhone and the shot was too dark and there was too much background noise so the video is unwatchable. Sucks as I would have loved to have done more to support their voice.

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