Twitter Me This: No More Tweet Archives On My Blog

My blog has gone to shit. Now mind you, my blog was never meant to compete the likes of The New York Times or the Huffington Post, but it was always a place where I could share my thoughts and opinions on the issues that matter most to me.

I never had a diary. I am not a great writer. But something about blogging resonated, and I was happy to have my little space on the Internet.

Then in January 2007, I discovered Twitter.

That platform changed my world.

I never wanted to blog about anything without researching it first. I know that seems silly, but to me – with blogging, came responsibility, even when it was on something as simple as talking about how to roast a pig. However, with Twittering, came freedom. I know it directly relates to the amount of text allowed (Twitter was limited to 140 character posts), so it kept my thoughts short and to the point whereas as I always felt I had to *say* something when I blogged.

Well, no more. While I plan to keep my Twitter account, I am pulling my blog back from the brink and reclaiming it as a space for me to share deeper thoughts and to gush about the best purchase I ever made.

I don’t need a Twitter archive here. If there is something I say on *that* service that I feel passionate enough about keeping a record of, I will write about it here. I know, what a novel idea.

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