Twitter rotation, take III

Went through another ‘Spring Cleaning‘ of the people I follow on Twitter this morning, and at the same time, decided to bump the number from 330 to 400. just for shits and giggles.

I added another 85 folks, then took 15 people off to get me to an even 400. Again, trying to do this systematically by adding every 4th person in my ‘followers’ list and removing every 4th person in the ‘following’ list, so if I happen to have unfollowed you this round – please do not take it personally – it is a little experiment and I am sure I will circle back around again.

As a reminder, the whole point of this ‘experiment’ is to expand and diversify the information flowing in front of me a little bit without overwhelming me in the process, as I am not a ‘skimmer’ – I am one of the crazy ones who tries to keep up with a majority of the tweets people post if I can.

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