Walking the red carpet at the AVN Awards

This past week Chris and I had an opportunity to hang out on the red carpet of the AVN Awards in Las Vegas and capture some of the industry professionals on their big night.

AVN Awards: 2010

My observations from the red carpet:

1. While silicon runs rampant in the industry, there are several ‘naturals’ like Charley Chase making a name for themselves. Natural rocks.

2. Everyone was extremely professional. This was a serious award show. Think Academy Awards for their industry. Have to admit, I expected more rowdyness on the red carpet. (see point three)

3. The ‘craziest’ thing I saw was a lesbian porn star pulling a huge penis out of her pants and kiss on it a bit. Kind of expected more. Feeling disappointed and pleasantly surprised all at the same time.

4. I was surrounded by thousands and thousands of yards of taffeta. I now know where all my bridesmaid dresses went, and I am glad to see my hot pink one found a good home. 🙂

5. Every adult film star we spoke with, and we spoke with most of them, loves Twitter. Seems to be their number one social tool (they all have user names ending in xxx). It was great to see an industry adopting the tools like they are en masse.

6. I saw more porn in 15 minutes worth of clips during the show than I have seen in 10 years. And the titles of the shows…OMG.

7. My ‘wish I was a fly on the wall’ moment came when Robin Leach, Flavor Flav and Ron Jeremy were in a small huddle having themselves a giggle. I so wanted in on that conversation.

8. My ‘WTF moment’ came when we saw Shauna Sands. Leaves me speechless really.

We also had the opportunity to interview Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction and Sasha Grey, the ‘it’ girl of the porn industry.

It was great to be part of this experience, and get a glimpse into a world I so rarely see, but thinking it was one of those ‘nice to do once’ type of things.

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