Wine please.

Just about the time Chris and I both agree to stop drinking so we can ‘jump start our metabolisms and lose that winter coat‘, a great wine tasting event pops up on my calendar. It happens every single time, without fail. And we always go to the event as our will power sucks. We like wine. 🙂

Latest case and point: During the drive home from last night’s Social Media Club event, Chris and I had this discussion . We both agree to stop drinking for a month, or at least until the next wine tasting invite hits our inbox.

Wouldn’t you know it –> today I receive an invite to the San Francisco Vintners Market – Harvest in the City event happening tomorrow that will showcase wineries that sell their wines direct to you. This is great as we have been to several events where we find great wines and then are never able to find it again when we want to buy. Not so here. The San Francisco Vintners Market gives us wine enthusiasts the chance to try and buy wines from over 200 wineries.

Sounds awesome. And of course we are going. It is almost like the universe WANTS us to drink wine.

Besides, the holidays are upon us and we are always looking for nice wines to give to friends or to bring to dinner parties. The Vintners Market sounds like a perfect place to find that new gem that will leave everyone wanting more.

Bonus: Our buddies over at Antibride have a discount to save you 10% off the ticket price if you register using this link. Do it, and let’s drink some juice together tomorrow.

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